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About Us

Sofmen Inc. is a software development and consulting firm with a mission to provide technological services to business and assisting them to gain competitive edge through use of most appropriate technology. Sofmen is equipped to provide services to industries, ranging from trading to manufacturing. Sofmen Inc. is dedicated to make e-business simple for its customers. Partnering with customers and make available resources to achieve e-business leadership is also part of our mission.

Sofmen Inc. focuses on high technology areas like Internet applications, Wireless Web applications, Client Server application development. In Software development, we have handled large, System Architecture and E-Commerce Websites. The company was primarily started as Emate Systems in the year 2000 and was finally incorporated as Sofmen Inc in March 2003

Custom software development, implementation, and maintenance services for e-business, enterprise, and embedded applications are offered to customers. Sofmen also offers professional services for performance optimization, prototyping, web designing, application design and development, product research and prototyping and human resource consultancy.

Some of the achievements and strengths include -

Independent software solutions and Services Company.
Consistent growth since inception in 2000.
An exceptionally talented and devoted team of Technical experts.
Core technical expertise in Server-side Data Management, Directory Services, Messaging Systems, and XML-based Web services.
10541 Davison Avenue
Cupertion, CA 95014, USA
Tel: (877) 269 0196
Fax: (650) 240 2240