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   More details about setup can be found on our steps to setup section [CLICK HERE]

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  • What does it cost to setup and host a website using B2B Paradise?

    Setup and Hosting a website costs US$299.98 per year under the standard plan which includes setup of up to 100 items, additional items up to a max of 1000 can be setup by the Store Owner at no additional cost by using the admin panel or by B2B Paradise at a nominal cost of $50 per 100 items. Contact to get a quote for custom designs or websites over 1000 items.
  • Does the Store Owner have to sign a contract with B2B Paradise?

    Store Owner does not have to sign a contract and can stop using B2B Paradise service at any point B2B Paradise as per the agreement B2B Paradise will not refund any or part of the charges paid for the year of service.
  • What will be the cost to host the website after completion of the 1st year?

    Setup, custom home page design etc are one time fees due at the time of initial development, after the completion of the first year you will be liable to pay the annual hosting fee (currently $299.98), costs of additional updates will be extra currently ($50.00 per 100 items).
  • Does B2B Paradise charge any commission on the sales made through the e-commerce sites, developed by B2B Paradise?

    No, B2B Paradise does not charge any commission on the sales made through the site.
  • Are there any other costs involved in maintaining the store on B2B Paradise?

    US$ 299.98 charged at the time of registration covers setup of 100 items and hosting the website for 1 year, minor updates up to 20% of your catalog are included in the cost. Additional items and updates are charged at $50.00 per 100 items.
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  • Can the Store Owner use his own domain name for the website?

    Yes, Store Owner can use his own domain name ( The domain name will have to be registered separately by the Store Owner, it generally costs around $9.99 - $14.99 per year. B2B Paradise offers a free sub domain in case you don't want to register your own domain name.
  • Is it possible to change the domain name once the website is setup and launched?

    Yes, the domain name can always be changed even after the site has been setup and launched.
  • How should Store Owner select his domain name?

    Store Owner's domain name is his company's address on the Web and is how customers find his business online. When Store Owner picks his domain name, he should keep the following tips in mind:
    (1) Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens ("-"). Spaces and other symbols are not allowed, and domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Domain names are not case sensitive. They can be between 2 and 63 total characters, not including the domain extension.
    (2) Try to register the .com version of the business name. Visitors are very likely to try business name with a .com suffix.
    (3) Keep domain name short, shorter names are easy to remember. Avoid non-standard abbreviations. Consider names with hyphens for spaces, For example, great designers might choose or
    (4) Choose a domain that is easy to say, understand, remember, and spell. For example, could be confused with or when said over the phone or radio.
    (5) No one would want to lose potential customers because his domain name is difficult to use. Test out potential names with friends before making his final selection.
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  • Who hosts the website, is there an extra cost?

    B2B Paradise hosts the website, the servers are located in data centers that have multiple internet and power backups with 24 hour security to ensure maximum up time. Store Owner doesn't have to worry about hosting the website. The cost of hosting is included in the annual price of $299.99.
  • Where are the servers located?

    B2B Paradise servers are located in a data center that has multiple internet and power backups with 24 hour onsite security and controlled access to the facility in Fremont, CA USA for maximum uptime and reliability.
  • What hosting features does Store Owner get with B2B Paradise?

    B2B Paradise is a specialized service to host and setup an e-commerce enabled website, B2B Paradise provides a full service e-commerce hosting solution to ensure that your e-commerce website is working well. B2B Paradise does not provide ftp, database or web space, since most of our customers don't need these services and adding them to the package will add to the cost. If your business has a need for these services then you can have you website setup and managed by B2B Paradise and use these services from any standard web hosting company.
  • How many email accounts does the Store Owner get?

    B2B Paradise does not provide email accounts, most business have a dsl or cable modem Internet connections that come with free email accounts. These email accounts can be aliased in a way that you can use email accounts free of charge using email forwarding that most domain registrar provide for free. We help you setup email forwarding, and keep our costs low by not having to manage email hosting.
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   More details about setup can be found on our steps to setup section [CLICK HERE]

  • How long does it take to setup an E-store?

    The website can be setup in about 2-3 days after receiving all the specifications, which include a spreadsheet of the items to be added to the site with pricing and categorization and all the images to be put in the website.
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  • Does a Store Owner have to know HTML to setup and manage a website using B2B Paradise?

    All the html is embedded into our templates, the platform is designed to allow users who have no knowledge of HTML, FTP or Image resizing to be able to setup and maintain a professional looking website using basic internet browsing skills.
  • Is it possible to use HTML markup in descriptions or creating custom pages for the website?

    HTML is not required to setup a professional looking website on B2B Paradise but at the same time you can use basic HTML markup on the site for category and item descriptions or custom pages.
  • Who will setup the store? Does Store Owner have to do it himself?

    B2B Paradise standard offering includes setting up the website with a 100 items at no extra cost. You get access to our web-based admin panel which is very user friendly and powerful to allow adding more items and managing the website using basic Internet browsing skills and helps you have a website that is always up to date at no extra cost. For business that need 3rd party services to maintain the website. B2B Paradise provides professional services to maintain your website at a nominal cost of $50 per 100 item updates. You purchase these updates in batch of 100 and then renew your account when you use up the credits.
  • Does Store Owner need any special hardware or software to use the Website developed by B2B Paradise?

    Websites developed using B2B Paradise are supported on most standard browsers. The admin panel is supported on IE 5.5 and IE 6.0. The site can be accessed and updated using any computer connected to the internet, and the Store Owner does not require any Special hardware or software to use or manage the website developed by using B2B Paradise platform.
  • How often can the store be updated once it has been created?

    There is no limit to the number of times the store can be updated using our online admin panel, using services of B2B Paradise personnel to make updates to the store will fall under our standard cost of $50 per 100 items after the first 100 items which are free.
  • If the Store Owner has a printed Catalog but no pictures, how can he get his website designed?

    Store Owner can send his Catalog to B2B Paradise and B2B Paradise support team would add the pictures from the Catalog into the e-store.
  • What other services does B2B Paradise offer?

    B2B Paradise offers custom web designing, logo designing, brochure designing and software consulting services.
  • What about search engines?

    B2B Paradise hosts a site map page with links to most pages on the site for every site setup on B2B Paradise. We submit the site to all major search engines once the site is ready. You have an option to enter Meta tags and keywords for item and category pages using the admin panel.
  • Does B2B Paradise offer search engine optimization services?

    B2B Paradise doesn't offer search engine optimization services. There are many businesses that provide this service with a money back guarantee. Given the number of websites trying to make it to the top of the search results for common keywords this process often ends up in getting the money back after deciding who was at fault if the site didn't make it to the top of search results.
  • Is this possible to customize the site in terms of features and design?

    Features: B2B Paradise welcomes your suggestions about new features and help in making our service better. Features that are of common use and needed by most customers get added to the system free of cost in our subsequent releases, custom features can be added at an extra cost wherever possible.
    Design and Layout: In terms of layout we can skin the features we have into a custom layout specially developed for you at an extra cost, please email us at for a quote.
    Color Scheme: Custom color schemes using our existing layouts can be developed at an extra cost of $300.00 one time cost and a $50.00 per year extra maintenance cost.
 Website Operations Top
  • Can Store Owner get statistics about traffic on the site?

    A user-friendly traffic report showing daily aggregates for last 7 days and monthly aggregates for the last 12 months is available through the administrative panel. Click here to view a sample. (We should create a static traffic page and show it in a popup when a user clicks on this link)
  • What happens when someone places an order on the site?

    Customer is presented with an invoice containing the following information:
    Items and quantity ordered with rate, value and discount.
    Sales Costs (Calculated based on the configuration).
    A list of Shipping Costs to choose from (Calculated based on the configuration, we can use UPS or USPS to automatically calculate shipping costs).
    List of payment options to choose from:
      i. Credit card (Online processing or credit card by email)
      ii. Mail order
      iii. Fax
      iv. Paypal.
    Customer makes the payment using one of the available options and if the payment is successful the system sends out an order notification email to the Site Owner and an order acknowledgement email to the customer. The order information is also available in the admin panel.
  • What happens when someone registers on the site to get access to the wholesale prices?

    Store owner gets an email with the registration information, he can then login into the admin module and allow access to wholesale prices to the customer who registered.
 Order Processing and Merchant Accounts Top
  • What are the different forms of payments in which a Store Owner can accept payments?

    E-Commerce websites hosted on B2B Paradise allow accepting payments by credit cards (both online processing and credit card by email), paypal payments and mail/fax order.
  • How does online credit card processing work?

    Your website is directly linked to your merchant account and payment received through the website gets deposited directly in your account.
  • Is the shopping cart secure?

    Yes, the shopping cart and payment pages are secure and use SSL.
  • Will anyone else have access to my sales data?

    B2B Paradise understands that your customer data and sales statistics are confidential information about your business. This information is only accessible to our support team on a need to know basis.
  • I am not quite ready for e-commerce, it is possible to get a catalog only website?

    With B2B Paradise you get e-commerce features at no additional cost. Best way for you is to have an online catalog with Mail/Fax ordering option this gives your customer an easy way to search / browse and prepare an order without any changes to the order processing system which might already support getting orders in this form.
 Why B2B Paradise Top
  • How is B2B Paradise system better than the other E-commerce website service providers?

    B2B Paradise is providing Store Owners more services with special features at an unbelievable price. Besides this like other Providers B2B Paradise doesn't charge anything on the transaction made on the Store Owner's estore and it also does not believe in commission on sales. Our services are driven more towards the customer benefits than personal benefits and this is the key to success and popularity of our solution.
  • I don't drop ship, how can the website help me?

    Websites on B2B Paradise are designed for both Wholesale and Retail trade, the website can be configured to be a wholesale only website and the customers can come in and browse the catalog without seeing the prices or place orders. Only registered users that you have granted access to, will get access to your prices and can place orders. Sites can additionally be setup for a minimum order quantity that will ensure that you don't have to ship small orders.
  • What are the advantages in moving to B2B Paradise if I already have a website?

    B2B Paradise provides a host of features, in a professional looking website. B2B Paradise also provides a service to setup host and maintain the website while it is hosted on our systems giving you time to focus on your business. The flexibility of the system, powerful features, a website that can always be up to date at no extra cost, and strong support at an affordable cost makes it very attractive to switch your site to B2B Paradise.