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Steps to Setup


FILL UP our online registration form available at [Sign Up]


How to send the information :


From an existing website:
Point us to your existing website. We will copy the content from your existing website into our system. Send us spreadsheet of content / pricing that is missing from your website if you want that to be added as we copy.


Using Digital Images :
Send digital images in a CD or by email with a spreadsheet as per specifications below to map pictures to metadata.


Printed catalog : [Sample Printed Catalog Page]
Send us 2 copies of your catalog, mark one copy with # for items and draw lines to tell where to cut when slicing the images and leave the other copy fresh and include a spreadsheet as per specifications below with the item id you put on the catalog in the image field.
We will use the metadata in the spreadsheet and the images to build your website. You review your website, errors if any are reported to our support team and rectified to your satisfaction.

Image Specifications :


Preferred size :
750 pixels x 750 pixels per item. Bigger images are needed if you have multiple images in a picture and want us to slice individual items from the image.


Format :
JPEG, GIF, TIF, PSD, BMP. Please ask us if you prefer to send in any other format.

Quality of Images from catalog: [Samples of Image Quality]


Images scanned from catalogs are quite good for the website unless we take tiny images and make them big. When building the website from a catalog we will scan and upload a few images from your catalog and get your approval on the quality before all the items are loaded in the system.

Spreadsheet : [Download Here]

    Instructions to fill the spreadsheet:


Image (File Name) (Required)
Put the name of the Image file or number this item is marked with, as on the catalog. Specify multiple pictures item in the same column by separating them by a semicolon.


Item Number (Optional)
Product ID or SKU number that you use to identify this product, leave blank if not applicable.


Categories: (Required)
Category help organizing the catalog and makes it easy for visitors to browse and find products on the website. Specify the name of the category in this column, use semi colon to separate multiple categories.


Item Packing Type: (Required if Item Packing Quantity is not empty).
Bulk packing items that are only available for sale in multiple of packing quantity can be handled by putting a packing type here example, case, dozen, box, pallet etc. in conjunction with item packing quantity.


Item Packing Quantity: (Required if Item Packing type is Not empty)
Bulk packing items that are only available for sale in multiple of packing quantity can be handled by putting a packing quantity in conjunction with item packing type.


Item Name :
Name of the item, users can search for this name.


Descriptions : (Optional)


Short Description
A short description for the item (200 characters) this always shows on the item detail page. It shows on the category pages in some templates. Basic HTML formatting tags are allowed in the descriptions.


Detailed Description
A detailed description for the item (2000 characters). This description shows on the item detail page.


Out of Stock (Optional) Default 'N'
Specify 'Y' if you generally carry this item and it is temporarily out of stock. It will show on the website but visitors will not have an option to order it.


Shipping Weight: (Required if using UPS or USPS to calculate shipping cost)
This is the weight of the item after packing it for shipping, for items that take up more volume please specify a value that will result into a more accurate calculation of shipping costs.


Shipping Instructions: (Optional)
Indicate any special instructions about shipping a product. Can be used to message back ordered, pickup only doesn't ship etc.


Specifications : (Optional)
Item specification defines the characteristics of the item like volume, weight, length etc.: Specify them as Name:Description: Order:Primary add more columns to the spreadsheet for multiple specifications.

a. Specification

b. Description

c. Order: Sequence in which this displays.

d. Primary: Boolean flag Y/N. The ones flagged 'Y' show in the item list and item detail page. 'N' show only on item detail page.


Variants Name: (Optional)
Used to give customers an option to choose appropriate variant for Items that are sold with some variations e.g. color, size, pattern etc. Add more columns for variant name and variant options to handle multiple variants for an item.


Variant Options: (Required if variant name is not empty)
Options corresponding to the variant name, a semicolon is used to separates multiple options. Additional price for an option is handled by putting it in parenthesis e.g. "(add $ 2.00) " will add $2 to the base price of the item when added to shopping cart.


Wholesale Price: (Optional)
Specify the item price in the format "qty:price;qty:price", multiple prices allow you to support quantity based discounts and have different prices based on the quantity ordered. These prices are Wholesale and retail prices are calculated by adding a % markup on the wholesale prices if your store supports both wholesale and retail business. You can specify the retail price in this column if you don't support retail trade.


Discount (Optional)
Specify what is the discount available on the item, it can be a $ amount or a fix % determined by the discount type column. Items with discount display differently on the site and highlight the fact that the item is sale prices.


Discount Type (Required if Discount is not empty)
Works in conjunction with discount column. Can have a value of $ or %.




Sale Type :
Choose one of Wholesale / Retail / Wholesale and Retail.


Retail Markup :
What % of price will be added to wholesale prices when determining the retail prices.


Sales Tax :
Specify the Country / State/ Zip and the rate of sales tax applicable.
Sales tax rates can be configured for multiple zones at three levels:
  (a) National Level
  (b) State Level
  (c) Zip Code Level


You can pick regions based on zip, state or country and specify the rate of sales tax. The rate can be different for different regions. Sales tax is only applied to retail orders. Wholesale orders don't attract sales tax.


Payment Options :
Choose the ones you like, we will need the email address for your paypal account or the account information if you want to support accepting credit cards and process them using online using a payment gateway.
Credit Card by Email:
Accepting orders online using credit cards, our system does a basic check on the credit card number and sends it with the order notification email in a secure manner. Credit card in email is ideal for Brick and Mortar business that have the credit card processing equipment but do very little business through the website.
Internet Payment Gateway:
Accept and process credit cards online, ideal for high traffic high volume websites. The payments can be processed online at the time of accepting orders by our system using, your Internet payment gateway and the money go directly to your bank account. Please ask us about the list of supported gateways
Mail / Fax Order:
Customer can prepare the order using the website, print it and then send it in the mail or fax.
Link your e-commerce website to paypal and start accepting payments by paypal


Custom Pages :
Send us word / html documents with content for the following pages you might want to include in the site, these links can be made a part of the menu on the left or the footer. For each page specify where would you like the page to go.
  (a) About us
  (b) Terms and Conditions
  (c) Privacy Policy
  (d) Trade Show Schedule
  (e) Any other custom links

Shipping Calculation :


Calculated :
% of Order Value with a fixed minimum. For e.g. 15% of order value with a minimum of $5.00.


Auto USPS or UPS : [Registration to UPS ][Registration to USPS ]
Our system links directly with UPS and USPS to calculate this shipping cost using the origin and destination zip codes and the shipping weight of the items. The system needs shipping weights for all items in order to enable this option.



Point the A-Entry of your domain name in the DNS server settings to the IP address we provide you with after you register and notify us that you have made the change.


If you have trouble pointing the site to our servers then send us the username, password, domain name and the website where you registered your domain name and we will help in pointing the domain name to our servers.


You can use our DNS servers if your registrar doesn't provide domain name servers. Transfer of DNS servers takes between 24-96 hours. Let us know that you will like to move to our DNS servers and we will inform you the ones you should you be using.